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En-Viro Clean Blast are Melbourne’s trusted contractors in sandblasting. With over 20 years experience, we’ve been providing clients with environmentally-friendly, reliable and effective sandblasting in Melbourne.

Our Melbourne sandblasters are highly qualified, trained and passionate in delivering the best results in surface preparation as proven by our high client satisfaction rate.

Our sandblasting services can be used in a wide range of industries, such as the automotive, marine, mining, agricultural, refinery industries and many more. We also service domestic blasting and all commercial blasting projects

Using advanced sandblasting equipment, we can sandblast anything from wood to steel. At the same time, no project is too big or too small! We can take care of any project you throw at us.

We also strip grime, dirt, corrosion, toxic chemicals and all unwanted substances using high-quality media for a fine surface finish. All debris and media are securely isolated to remove even the smallest risk of any harmful environmental impact.

Taking great concern for the environment, our professional sandblasting contractors are trained to only use environmentally-friendly, yet highly effective, sandblasting procedures and sandblasting media in line with Australia’s OHS and environmental safety standards.

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Why Use En-Viro Clean Blast’s Sandblasting in Melbourne?

  • All sandblasting is carried out with health, safety and the environment in mind.
  • We have invested in high-quality sandblasting equipment and media to produce effective and efficient results.

  • Our sandblasters are qualified with ample experience to determine the correct sandblasting procedure and technology for your surface material.

  • We tailor each project strategy to meet your exclusive surface preparation needs.

  • You’re guaranteed competitive rates without compromising on quality.

What We Sandblast

  • Automotive parts - modern and vintage cars, motorbikes, trailers, trucks, tractors
  • Marine parts - boats, ships
  • Agricultural machinery and equipment
  • Heavy industrial machinery equipment and parts
  • Metal surfaces
  • Concrete surfaces
  • Wooden surfaces
  • Brick surfaces
  • Glass surfaces
  • Paint and graffiti
  • Swimming pools 

And many more! Get in touch with our Melbourne sandblasters for a Free Quote for your sandblasting requirements.

What is Sandblasting?

Over many years, sandblasting replaced conventional methods of surface cleaning and preparation. Today, it is globally recognised as one of the most effective ways to clean, recondition and prepare the material on surfaces.

When sandblasting a surface, fine sand (the sandblasting ‘media’ used in this process) is propelled by compressed air under high pressure against a surface to either smooth a rough surface, create an exposed aggregate, create patterns on a surface, remove contaminants or shape a surface. This all depends on what you’d like your surface finish to look like.

Sandblasting is also often used for the preparation of surfaces for further treatment, for example, adding a paint coating, as well as to remove any dirt, paint and other substances.

Few of the benefits of sandblasting include:

  • Zero secondary contamination of sandblasting media on the sandblasted surface.
  • Surface preparation is completed much more efficiently than using conventional methods.

  • The sandblasting equipment and media used produces effective and durable results.

  • All sandblasting is required to comply with the Australian OHS.

  • The media used (sand) is unable to damage the material being sandblasted when compared to conventional forms of surface preparation.

  • Provides a finer finish for the coating to bond to.

  • The lifespan of protective coatings increases tremendously.

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