Plastic Bead Blasting

Highly-quality, effective and efficient Plastic Bead Blasting solutions

Plastic bead blasting in Melbourne has become a popular blasting technology used on a range of surfaces, especially in automotive blasting and paint stripping procedures.

Perfect for sensitive surfaces, it’s able to effectively lift unwanted surface materials and contaminants without causing harm to the base material.

At En-Viro Clean Blast, we offer domestic and commercial plastic bead blasting across the Melbourne region

Using high-quality and environmentally-friendly plastic media and specialist blasting equipment, we provide reliable, efficient and safe services at competitive plastic bead blasting prices without compromising on quality. 

We therefore always exceed our clients’ expectations whether the job is big or small.

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Why Use Plastic Bead Blasting?

Plastic bead blasting is an abrasive blasting process that uses plastic media to shear off coatings from almost any surface. 

It uses a non-toxic, dry process similar to that of sandblasting. However, instead of using silica sand at high blasting pressures, soft plastic media are used at low blasting pressures.

With the use of soft plastic media and thanks to the use of low blasting pressures, there is zero risk of harming the surface’s underlying substrates or warping metal surfaces during the blasting process.

Plastic bead media is therefore one of the most preferred blast-friendly technologies for delicate surfaces.

As it is non-corrosive, it is safe to use on all metals, fibreglass, brick, timber, stainless steel and plastic surfaces.

Our Benefits

  • Our professional plastic bead blasters in Melbourne have over 20 years’ experience in the industry.

  • The plan of action we create for your project is tailored to your exclusive surface preparation needs.

  • We use high-quality blasting equipment and plastic media to deliver effective and efficient results.

  • We guarantee competitive plastic bead blasting rates without compromising on quality.

  • We comply with Australia’s OHS standards.

  • Taking great concern for the environment, we only use environmentally-safe plastic media and blasting processes.

  • We have maintained high client satisfaction rates throughout all projects.

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