Garnet Blasting

High-Quality Garnet Blasting in Melbourne at Competitive Prices

Specialising in the domestic blasting, commercial blasting and automotive blasting industries in Melbourne, En-Viro Clean Blast offers high-quality garnet blasting for all projects. 

Blasting using garnet is a premium abrasive blasting process. It is perfect for application on almost any surface as it provides one of the best results in preparing surfaces for painting or further treatment, such as adding a coating.

At En-Viro Clean Blast, we guarantee efficient and reliable solutions in surface preparation thanks to our investment in premium garnet media and blasting equipment that can get any job done quickly and to your highest expectations.

Servicing the entire Melbourne region, we take on both wet and dry blasting projects. For those leaving large amounts of debris, our specialised dust extraction units collect all debris. 

We therefore go the extra mile to use blasting procedures that are environmentally-safe for use and compliant to Australia’s OHS.

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Why Garnet Blasting?

If you require a removal of rust, paint, corrosion, contaminants, oils or any other surface coating, then garnet abrasive blasting is the perfect plan of action for your restoration needs.

The abrasive blasting process provides a clean surface profile to which a coating can bond to. It is therefore one of the best forms of abrasive blasting technologies.

Benefits of blasting using garnet:

  • Cleaner surface finish for your coating to bond to
  • Blasting efficiency is higher
  • Minimal dust increases health and safety
  • Price to garnet blast is cheaper as the media consumption is lower

Over 20 Years of Premium Services

En-Viro Clean Blast has been providing premium garnet workmanship for over 20 years. 

Over the years, using garnet for blasting has become the primary choice of abrasive technology for blasting projects in Melbourne.

Our contractors have worked on many different projects and are therefore highly-experienced in delivering results that exceed our customer’s expectations while ensuring safety. Have a look at our all-star Google reviews here.

Positioned the forefront of Melbourne’s abrasive blasting industry, we’ve become the go-to garnet blasters in every corner of Melbourne.

Whatever your project requirements, get in touch with En-Viro Clean Blast for a Free Quote on our garnet blasting services in Melbourne. For an efficient response, Call us on 0418 389 468 or fill out our Contact Form.

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