Commercial Blasting

Effective and efficient commercial sandblasting and abrasive blasting in Melbourne

Commercial leaders in Melbourne since 1996, En-Viro Clean Blast ensures that all commercial sandblasting and abrasive blasting services are maintained at high-quality standards while using eco-friendly processes for a clean environment.

In maintaining safety, quality and customer service, we use advanced surface preparation technologies to provide an exclusively customised yet efficient and effective blasting solution.

Our primary aim is to provide clients with premium commercial blasting services. From small business owners to large multinational businesses, we’ve worked alongside top-tier clients in the commercial industry. However, we treat every project with the same respect, care and safety protocols.

Our professional commercial blasters hold the necessary qualifications for all surface preparation, stripping and sandblasting projects, as well as years of experience of providing the perfect commercial finishes using the best techniques.

We’ll, therefore, provide you with a tailor-made quote to meet your specific blasting needs.

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Our Environmentally-Friendly Commercial Blasting Solutions

The type of blasting media and techniques employed plays a massive impact on the environment.

Heavy blasting techniques use a number of materials which can have a hazardous impact on the environment.

Experienced in all facets of the commercial industry, we guarantee complete environmental management throughout each project.

We do so by only investing in state-of-the-art blasting equipment and clean systems that minimises waste and reduces impacts on the surrounding environment. Taking extra precaution, we use eco-friendly blasting media to prevent any impact on the environment.

Our Commercial Services

We provide specialised commercial sandblasting and abrasive blasting services to clients and businesses of all sizes. No matter your requirements, you can trust us to get the job.

Some of the commercial sandblasting and abrasive blasting services we offer:

- Plastic bead blasting
- Garnet blasting
- Soda blasting
- Timber blasting
- Sandblasting
- Agricultural

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Why En-Viro Clean Blast?

Our customers do not only have access to our large range of commercial sandblasting and abrasive blasting services.

We’re renowned for our many benefits:

1. We’re committed to delivering quality services that guarantee the safety of the environment.

2. Our professional blasters will provide you with the most effective action plan for your commercial blasting needs.

3. We use high-quality blasting media and equipment to ensure all projects are carried out effectively, efficiently and in the most environmentally-friendly way.

4. Many of our clients boast our competitive rates - we do not compromise on quality service.

5. Receive a tailored plan developed exclusively to meet your blasting requirements.

6. Transparent communication is maintained from start to finish.

7. Minimal disruption to you or your neighbour’s daily activities.

8. We fully comply with the OHS; guaranteeing environmental safety.

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