Automotive Blasting

Reliable and efficient automotive blasting in Melbourne

If you’re searching for reliable automotive blasting services in Melbourne, our qualified professionals at En-Viro Clean Blast can provide you with the most effective solution for your blasting needs.

Whether you need to restore your car, motorcycle, car parts, truck, tractor and many more, En-Viro Clean Blast in Melbourne has invested in state-of-the-art abrasive and automotive sandblasting equipment that is able to deliver any surface finish you require.

During each sandblasting or abrasive blasting procedure, we take extra precaution to ensure that no damage is done to the vehicle itself.

Our blasters are also enthusiasts when it comes to retaining a clean environment. Our processes feature a range of environmentally-friendly blasting technologies that are highly effective and efficient. At the same time, all debris and media are secured to ensure zero impact on the environment.

So if you need to bring your old classic car back to life or prepare your vehicle’s surface for a new coat of paint, simply contact us at En-Viro Clean Blast.

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Our Car Sandblasting & Automotive Blasting Solutions

Our experienced team of blasters are trusted blasting contractors in Melbourne and are providers of green solutions.

Our contractors generally draw of specialised industry knowledge to develop the best plan of action. Each client, therefore, will receive a tailored plan and quote developed according to their exclusive blasting requirements. You’ll, therefore, need to get in touch with us for our vehicle or car sandblasting prices.

We specialise in automotive blasting, including:

- Car body, car frame and car parts, including classic car sandblasting
- Motorcycles and motorcycle parts
- Trailers and ute trays
- Semi’s, flatbed, stock, and b-double trailers
- Trucks
- Tractors
- Aluminium engine parts, i.e. brake parts, wheels, chassis, pumps, diffs, manifolds, heads and more.
- And many more!

Get in touch with us today and speak to one of our professionals about our automotive blasting or car sandblasting services. Call us on 0418389466 for more information or fill out our Contact Form for a callback.

Benefits of Using En-Viro Clean Blast

1. We’re big on quality. We only utilise blasting technologies and abrasive media - including the best media for sandblasting car parts - that are effective, efficient and environmentally-friendly

2. We care about the environment. We completely comply with the OHS.

3. From paint stripping to rust removal, we can take care of any project while guaranteeing zero damage to your vehicle or its parts.

4. Our experienced blasters will provide you with a strategy tailored to your specific requirements.

5. Transparent communication is maintained from start to finish.

6. Minimal disruption to you or your neighbour’s daily activities.

7. Although we offer competitive rates, we do not compromise on quality.

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